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Dr Carolyn AlRoy has been a Licensed Psychologist in New York and New Jersey, and currently provides teletherapy in most US States, Puerto Rico and the UK. She is an Executive Coach, an accredited ICF Coach, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) certified, and Hogan Assessment certified. Through apprenticing with senior Psychologists who are masters of technique, Dr AlRoy is well versed in a variety of therapeutic tools and processes. She is a psychodynamic psychotherapist, with a lot of experience in cognitive behavioral techniques, working within an analytic framework.

Dr. AlRoy has designed and conducted research studies in health psychology about disease prevention with Rutgers University Psychology Department, including a nationwide study sponsored by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). She’s a professional speaker and media psychologist and has been quoted and interviewed by a variety of publications, events & publications, including US News & World Report, Telemundo, Yahoo and Jornal Nacionale... She contributed to the creation of a Women’s Mentorship Program sponsored by the Hudson County Chamber of Commerce and leads women’s leadership coaching groups. She also leads a consultation group of psychotherapists looking to deepen their practice.

Dr. AlRoy offers individual and couples psychotherapy and counseling. She has a lot of experience and expertise treating anxiety, relationship issues, addiction, and workplace issues. She helps you to overcome debilitating symptoms, reduce conflicts, and experience real progress forward.

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